Mother and daughter express thanks to FF

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
Firefighter Robert Gasaway, III - Photo: Fox 2 News

Photo: Fox 2 News

A three-year old girl trapped inside a burning home has been released from the hospital and is thanking the men who helped get her out.

Tonight, Mercedes Mitchell got to meet the very firefighters who saved her life. It was a touching moment for everyone involved. – Fox 2 News

Firefighter Robert Gasaway doesn’t take all the credit for the rescue on Lauder last week, but he certainly deserves a fair amount of it. He was the firefighter who found 3-year-old Mercedes after her home caught on fire, trapping the little girl. In this interview with Alexis Wiley, Gasaway meets the mother of the girl he saved, and reflects on that day. In the end, a family lost their home and all their possessions; but they have their daughter, and that’s all that matters now. Here’s the video and story


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