You may have seen Fox 2’s Charlie Leduff reporting that a local entrepeneur is attempting to donate a used fire truck to the Detroit Fire Department, only to be held up in unnecessary red tape. There are two problems with this truck.

The first is that it has an open cab, which is prohibited by federal law. Not only is it unsafe, it isn’t even legal to have on the road responding to emergencies.

The second problem is the truck’s height. This rig won’t fit in most Detroit firehouses due to its height; they’ll have to be customized.

If the department is willing to undergo thousands of dollars of customization for the truck, in addition to the station to which it will be assigned, it’ll be a helpful piece of equipment. If not, it’s another dinasaur that is of no use whatsoever.

Even so, it’s a kind gesture on the part of the would-be donor.


How Detroit Responds

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Recently some fans have asked about Detroit’s emergency response guidelines. Here’s the basic rundown:


Vehicle: 1 engine
Trailer: 1 engine
Rubbish/Dumpster: 1 engine
Wires down: 1 engine

Garage: 1 engine, 1 truck
Large truck/bus: 1 engine, 1 truck

Vacant dwelling: 3 engines, 1 truck, 1 squad, 1 battalion chief

Occupied dwelling w/trapped civilians: 3 engines, 1 truck, 1 squad, 1 battalion chief, 1 ALS medic

Commercial building: 3 engines, 1 truck, 1 squad, 1 battalion chief

2nd alarm fire (only available by IC request): 3 additional engines , 1 aerial, 1 platform, 1 squad, 1 battalion chief, senior chief, arson car if available

3rd alarm fire: 3 additional engines, 1 truck, 1 squad, 1 battalion chief, deputy chief, mobile command center

Special incidents
Confined space rescue: 1 engine, 1 squad, 1 battalion chief
Rollover/vehicle accident with entrapment: 1 engine, 1 squad
Bomb threat: 3 engines, 1 truck, 1 squad, 1 battalion chief, 1 HAZMAT unit
Elevator rescue: 1 engine, 1 squad
Assist police with ladders or forcing entry: 1 truck, 1 battalion chief

Keep in mind these are general guidelines and dispatch has the ability to increase or decrease responses at their discretion. The IC on scene can also request additional resources.

While DFD 4th battalion companies were operating at a box alarm dwelling fire on Westbrook and Santa Clara (E54, E57, E59, L26, S1, C4) Engine 49 was dispatched to Plainview and W McNichols on the report of a vehicle fire. A fully involved vehicle was found.

Box Alarm Westbrook and Santa Clara Photos

Still Alarm Plainview and Plymouth Photos


On July 4th, 2011, at 8:32 pm Detroit central office received a 911 call reporting heavy smoke coming from Hubert Elementary School at Lamphere and Eaton. Central dispatched Engine 54, Engine 57, Engine 59, Ladder 26, Squad 1, and Chief 4 on the box alarm to that location.

Engine 57 arrived and stretched reporting “smoke showing.” Ladder 26 arrived with E-57, assumed command and reported a vacant 2 story school with fire on the second floor. L-26 requested an additional engine for RIT and Engine 53 was dispatched.

When Chief 4 arrived crews inside reported multiple fires and the chief requested an additional truck for forcible entry assistance. L-25 was dispatched. Companies remained on the scene for approximately 2 hours including overhaul and line pickup.

The fire was reported as “suspicious.”

Check out for more pictures from this box.


Last Sunday, 4th battalion companies were dispatched to a commercial building fire at Braile and Fenkell. Here’s a photo of Engine 54’s crew. More pictures here.


Engine 34 - On Livernois between Warren and Tireman

The fire fighters at Engine 34 have organized an event to help a disabled Iraq veteran and his family celebrate Christmas this year, and you can help. Here’s the info. Ruben Zamora of Adrian is an Iraq war veteran and the father of 5 children. He is now 50% disabled due to war injuries. If you have the resources, please consider donating so someone who’s given everything can have a great Christmas. Any grocery cards, cash, or gifts would be welcomed. They can be delivered to Engine 34’s station (6355 Livernois, 48210 – 2nd Battalion) or mailed to FF Jeremy Mullins. For more details on how to donate, check out the Facebook event page.

Here’s a more detailed list of what to donate:

  • Alicia (4) can use clothes (5T),  loves Dora the Explorer and Babies. She has speech problems and would benefit from any toys that interact with speaking . ( Leap Frog, Read-Along). She needs a winter jacket, hat and gloves, PJ’s.
  • John (5) can use clothes (Pants 7 and Shirts 7/8), PJ’s, winter coat, hat and gloves. He loves football, soccer and WWE wrestling.
  • Kodie (7 ) clothes ( tops 10/12 and pants 8), winter jacket, gloves, hats, PJ’s. She loves to write and read (2nd grade level books would be great). She also likes to draw and is very girly! She really wants a zhu zhu pet.
  • Rogelio (11) can use clothes (men’s medium shirts and size 30 pants), winter jacket, hat and gloves. He is into art and Legos.
  • Vanessa (18) sweaters (womens XL), loves Michigan State, makeup and a gift card to go shopping.

Thanks for giving back to someone who has given us so much! And if you’d like to meet this American hero, he and his family will be at Engine 34 on December 21 at 7 pm.


Early Monday morning, approximately 6:00 am, Central Office dispatched Engines 54/57/53, Ladder 26, Squad 1, Chief 4 to Lamphere and Eaton for a reported dwelling fire.

Engine 54 was first arriving on the scene and stretched on the dwelling. Engine 53 was third-due and dumped their monitor on the fully-involved structure.

When Chief 4 arrived and assumed command he appointed Squad 1 as the RIT requested EMS for a civilian possibly trapped. EMS arrived 17 minutes after the chief requested. Crews made an aggressive interior attack and the dwelling was cleared quickly.

Engine 54 and Ladder 26 were sent back to the about 30 minutes after the last company had left for a reported rekindle, but that was found to be a false alarm.